Craft Bakers

The most valuable co-partners of the Lesaffre experience: Craft bakers

More than 170 years of history, tradition, and experience in yeast and baking solutions…
We continue to offer our bakers, who empower and improve this valuable expertise of Lesaffre, the products that they need ranging from dry yeast to bread improvers, and liquid yeast to mixes.

We prepare innovative solutions for our bakers to match their production expectations. We support them to improve their business and production efficiency. For our bakers, who nourish us with their valuable contribution, we organize professional trainings at the Baking Center and constantly stay in touch with them in order to respond to any technical requirement or question they might have anytime. With our extensive distributor network, we address the demands and needs of our bakers in very short time periods.

We share the Lesaffre expertise with bakers and enhance quality on sectoral basis owing to our solutions that make bread products more tasteful.

Our products can be seen here.