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About Us

Lesaffre, which is a global reference in the yeast industry with its more than 170 years of accumulated knowledge, has been transmitting its international experience to Turkish bakery industry since 1992.

We unite the Lesaffre experience with our wide-spectrum user population by means of our over 600 employees and our production facilities, including our production facility in Lüleburgaz, which we have incorporated into our structure in 2015, in addition to our production facilities in Ceyhan and in Amasya, which have been in use since 1992, the year we started operating in Turkey.

We work to become the closest business partner of our users with the help of our brands which specifically address diverse needs. For bakers and home users, we produce yeast in different forms. In addition to yeast, we also provide baking solutions like bread improvers, bread mixes, and blends to bakery sector. The products that we produce are used with confidence in more than 80 countries, including Turkey.

In order to be able to fulfill our social responsibilities regarding the environment and our society by means of our R&D activities, we annually allocate approximately 30% of our industrial investments to policies on the protection of the environment.

As the key player of the global bread industry, our vision is ‘to delight people with innovative bread making and nutrition solutions for a better planet’.  And our mission of ‘working together to better nourish and protect the planet’ carries Lesaffre to the future.

Production Facilities

At our production facilities, which are among the best yeast factories across the globe owing to the technology they possess, we produce dry-fresh-liquid yeasts, crumbled yeast, bread improvers, blends and bread mixes for both professional bakers and home users. We utilize the by-products emerging at the end of the production process in agriculture and carry out active recycling by means of our effective waste management system.

As the first yeast facilities in Turkey to set up their treatment plants, Lesaffre facilities are the first yeast production facilities to be honored with the Environmental Certificate of the Ministry of Environmental Issues. Lesaffre production facilities are again the first yeast factories in Turkey to possess the FSSC 22000 / ISO-TS 22002-1 Food Safety System Documents Certificate, which includes the food safety pre-requisites, as well. By means of our production facilities, which also hold the “Halal” and the “Kosher” Production Certificates, we are able to reflect our industrial expertise and quality onto our products with confidence.

Amasya Production Facility

Ceyhan Production Facility

Lüleburgaz Production Facility

Quality Standards

Quality is an indispensable part of the Lesaffre identity. The essence of producing products of superior quality is a quality process that is monitored and checked continuously. Strict regulations and supervision structures which are implemented throughout the process from raw material selection to the delivery of the end-product are the guarantee that the outcome is the high-quality Lesaffre product.

The ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certificate and the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate that we hold reflect properly our level of seriousness and our approach to the issue of quality. And we maintain our pioneering role in the sector as the first company in the yeast production industry in Turkey to implement the FSSC 22000 document.

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Food safety from raw material selection to the delivery of the end-product

Complete traceableness of products up to the point of delivery to the user

Strict and absolute implementation of quality standards

Environment and Energy

As Lesaffre, we believe that we can have a greener, cleaner and livable world by approaching our environment in a more respectful and conscious manner.

Environmental Awareness: The wastewater generated during the production of bread yeast is subjected to Pre-Evaporation, Evaporation, Anaerobic biological treatment and Aerobic biological treatment processes and then it is discharged to the receiving environment within the legal permissions.

In evaporation facilities, animal feed additive, liquid organic fertiliser and potassium crystals are obtained from the waste water, which is rich in mineral substances. With this process, soil-to-soil cycle is performed since the yeast production obtained from the raw material coming from the soil and the wastewater generated as a result of yeast production.

By clicking here, you can access our environmental policy which we, Lesaffre Turquie Mayacılık Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş., implement with the awareness that sustainable growth is possible by keeping environmental principles alive.
Energy: The scope of this policy includes the buildings and facilities where Lesaffre Turquie Mayacılık Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. operates. With the awareness of carrying the responsibility of the Energy Management System, it aims to continuously improve its energy performance during its activities and services, to comply with legal and other requirements, to ensure the participation of its related parties in this policy, to transform the Energy Management System awareness into a corporate culture through trainings to be given at all levels, and to remain environmentally and economically sustainable.

By clicking here, you can access the energy policy we apply as Lesaffre Turquie Mayacılık Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. to achieve this goal.

Baking Center™

We acknowledge the fact that to address the needs of our users is not to produce quality products solely. In this regard, we introduce a business partner that will support you with any technical issue that you may have related with bakery and will guide you towards fostering your business: the Baking Center™.

The Baking Center™, which was founded in 1974 as the first technical center in the world related with bakery, offers today technical support and consultancy in bakery with 38 centers around the globe. Our Baking Center™ team in Istanbul, who are a part of this network, work with passion for the bread-making industry and all of its players ranging from craft bakers to industrial bakers, and distributors to R&D teams. The team amply provides solutions which generate added value for all technical needs.

Our Baking Center™ team is at your service, dedicated to the idea that really understanding one another is the pre-requisite for being a real business partner. They are ready to share accumulated knowledge and experience, convey details of any development or innovation related with bakery across the world, and make recommendations which will enhance your business and make it become more efficient.

Technical support specific for bakers

Product development, process improvement, and recipe refinement

Product demonstrations in Baking Center™ or your own bakery

Research & Development and Production & Development activities

Trainings for employees of the industry and for nonprofessionals

Laboratory analyses and sensory analysis

Human Resources

For us, the most valuable investment is the human being.

The key to our success and the most important factor supporting our development is the human resources that we have who are dedicated to their jobs with passion.
The professionalism that we demonstrate in our job, the decisions that we make based on a long-term vision, the significance we attach to ethical values, and the stability of our products and commercial activities generate a secure working environment for our employees.
Lesaffre Turquie, being a part of the Lesaffre Company, provides its employees with the opportunity to be a part of an international team comprising 9,500 employees worldwide

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