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Lesaffre, which was established as a family-owned enterprise in 1853 in France, serves today as the closest local business partner of its users worldwide by means of its multinational structure. With its 77 production facilities and over 11,000 employees, the Lesaffre expertise comprises a wide production, sales, and R&D network across 5 continents, in over 185 countries.

As the very first company in the world to produce industrial yeast, we continue to set the standards and also to improve them in the realms of bakery products, food flavorings, health and nutrition, and industrial biotechnology products.

As we produce functional products on a wide product range with the power of our foresight and vision generated by the knowledge and the background we have been accumulating for over a century, we also strive to transfer our expertise to future generations.


Let’s work together to better nourish and protect our planet.

At Lesaffre, we value all those benefits that we gain from nature and idealize them in order to be able to offer them to the service of humankind and to life in general. For this, we rely on the skills and commitment of our employees, on the power of our industrial equipment, and on the full potential of our natural fermentation solutions derived from yeast and yeast by-products.

Every single product developed by Lesaffre emerges with the same goal: An environmentally friendly approach for better food and a better future for our world.


Giving primacy to health and safety at work for all employees, a participative approach with the goal of ‘zero accident’.


Waste management and constitution of the recycling chain by way of developing environmentally friendly practices with 15% of our investments


We allocate approximately ¼ of our investments to environmentally friendly technologies in order to reduce our ecological footprint and support renewable energy.

for the future

INNOVATION for the future

Is experience and knowledge accumulation of over 170 years enough to make us the leader? We never regard the past as satisfactory and always invest in the future. We believe that one should foresee and practice the future today in order to be able to create innovative products. Therefore, the innovation investments of Lesaffre are the expression of a perspective of global responsibility, rather than a mere business approach.
Hundreds of our researchers who work actively in over 60 universities and research centers worldwide and who constantly are in cooperation with one another continue their scientific researches in order to develop safe and innovative products.

The Lesaffre research team, which has a complete command of market needs and new opportunities in different countries, is looking forward to the future with responsibility and a global innovation perspective.


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The key to success PROXIMITY

The key to success PROXIMITY

The high standards of the Lesaffre quality are perpetually determined by the satisfaction of our customers. While providing services across the world, we perform operations in accordance with the habits and cultures of users.

We give primacy to local needs, know our users well, understand them better, and establish strong relationships because we care about people as they are at the center of our success and we attach importance to whether the world is better nourished or not.


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for a sustainable future

SHARING OF KNOWLEDGE for a sustainable future

For more than 170 years, we have been specializing on bread, which has been in our lives for approximately 7,000 years and which constitutes the basis of our nutrition. While producing novelties that enhance this valuable heritage, we maintain, constantly share and develop Lesaffre expertise and knowledge, which thousands of people have been building up since 1853. Because bread always signifies sharing and generosity and Lesaffre develops and sustains this virtue.


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Yeasts & baking solutions

Lesaffre is a global reference in the field of yeast and bread-making.

Saf Instant

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Food taste & pleasure

Organic yeasts also have a key role to play in the world of taste and pleasure in food.


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Health care

Lesaffre has always been intent on serving the well-being of living things.

Lesaffre Human Care

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In the field of biotechnologies, Lesaffre develops efficient cellular nutrients.


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