The Signature Sourdough of Lesaffre: Livendo

Lesaffre is offering the very best sourdough solutions to bread and pastry manufacturers with its new brand Livendo. Livendo’s sourdough cultures, deactive sourdoughs and sourdough-based mixes allow bakers to develop new, customized tastes.

A global reference in the yeast sector, Lesaffre is responding to the recently increased expectations of a more natural and pure product with Livendo. Developed under the expertise of Lesaffre, Livendo enables bakers to make the most use of their sourdough and come up with more creative designs. Livendo’s sourdough cultures, which mature into creative, innovative and gourmet products, can be divided into three main product categories; sourdoughs, deactive sourdoughs and sourdough-based mixtures. By shortening the processes associated with the production of sourdough, Livendo enables the professional baker to focus on creative and artistic designs instead. Livendo sourdough-based mixtures allow bakers to come up with a wide variety of products of rich aromatic nature. Formed by the fermentation of flour with natural sourdough bacteria, Livendo deactive sourdough helps bakers add a more personal touch to their products, and increases customization.

Livendo sourdough-based mixes and deactive sourdough not only causes dough to be more moldable, but it can also be used in all baking processes such as direct processes, short and long fermentation. Livendo sourdough cultures, on the other hand, give the professional user the ability to create sourdough in 24 hours with just one process. By removing complex processes required to freshen traditionally prepared sourdough, Livendo sourdough culture guarantees high performance and a standard consistency of “sourness”. Livendo sourdough culture also comes in different aromas.

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