Bread is now just right with Inventis Whole Wheat Mix

With Inventis Whole Wheat Mix, offered by Lesaffre, bread is now both more delicious and more nutritious. Made with strong, quality whole wheat flours, Inventis Whole Wheat Mix allows flour products manufacturers to save time. This is because it is a ready-to-use and practical mixture.

A global reference in yeasts, Lesaffre offers both luscious tastes and health benefits through Inventis Whole Wheat Mix. Inventis Whole Wheat Mix is a bread mix developed for the production of whole wheat flour products. Since it is produced using strong, high quality whole wheat flour, it retains all of the nutritional benefits of the wheat. Doing so allows the user to impart a special flavor, color and internal texture to the finished product.

As it is a ready-to-use product, it removes the need to prepare a flour mixture for whole wheat bread production, while enabling the user to attain the same level of quality and taste consistently across batches.

To make delectable breads of high nutritional value, it is sufficient to add yeast, salt and water into the mix and knead. Having strong water retention properties, Inventis Whole Wheat Mix thus allows dough to be processed more easily as well.

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